The best beauty hacks I swear by

When it comes to beauty, I am a really lazy person in general. My laziness is on another level when it comes to makeup. But, I also like getting party ready at times and following the routine makeup is too much for me. It’s not always that you have the time and energy to go by order every time you do your makeup.  So just to make sure that this all doesn’t take too much time, I swear by a few very easy peasy beauty hacks. I hope they will be equally helpful to you all too.

USE TAPE TO GET THE PERFECT WING – Now I know this sounds weird but it’s all over social media and I swear by it too. After failing a zillion attempts at winged liner I finally thought of giving this a try and guess what, it worked. The first try might make you feel low but don’t lose heart, it is the easiest when it comes to winged liners.

USE BABY POWDER FOR THICKER LASHES –  While applying mascara or probably before that, simply use a cotton swab to dab on baby powder in very small quantities on your lashes. Do this repeatedly twice or thrice between mascara applications to get fuller and longer lashes.

ADD MOISTURIZER TO YOUR FOUNDATION TO LIGHTEN IT – It has happened a lot of times that I pick up the incorrect foundation shade, mostly while shopping online. A little trick that worked for me was adding a light moisturizer to the foundation. Doing this brought the foundation shade down to my exact complexion.

USE BABY WIPES TO REMOVE MAKEUP – One thing I hate doing especially during winters is removing my makeup. It just takes me ages to do that in this chilly season. So what I do is use my little ones wet wipes instead. Not only does it remove every inch of makeup from my face but also leaves my skin feeling moisturized.

USE LOOSE POWDER TO MAKE YOUR LIPSTICK STAY ALL DAY – I am a total foodie and so it really gets difficult for me to keep re applying my favourite shade again and again especially when I’m out ( personally I hate doing this). While applying my lipstick, I hold a tissue over my lips and dab a little powder. My lipstick stays perfectly in place for hours.

APPLYING CONCEALER THE RIGHT WAY – Earlier I used to just dot the under eye area and smoothly dab the concealer. It always used to result in creasing. The best way is to make an inverted triangle under the eye and top it with loose powder. It instantly lifts up the under eye area like never before. This not only hides the dark circles but also gives an instant uplift to your face.

Do let me know if you try out any of these and just in case you love them, do leave a comment below and let me know.

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