Benefits of living in an apartment

Apartment look to be the way of the future to me. Between soaring house prices, and population booming, and the rapid increase in it stands to reason that higher density living will become a reality .. This won’t be a happy thought for some, given the great dream of our a lot of people centres on home ownership and a quarter acre block, but perhaps it’s time to say goodnight to that particular reverie, and wake up to some of the truly great advantages of living in a smaller space.


Here are some of the benefits of living in an apartment




Being a neat freak and a freelance writer who likes finding ways to procrastinate, cleaning is a natural way for me to waste time. But when I was living in a four-bedroom, double storey home, the washing, vacuuming, mopping, dusting, scrubbing and polishing involved in keeping it tidy could take up to an entire day. Even I struggled to find the joy in that; I can only imagine the nightmares it would induce for normal, cleaning-hating people.

 Apartment dwellers can clean their homes in a fraction of the time that it takes those living in a large house, and less time spent cleaning means more time for more enjoyable activities.





The bigger apartment developments can have some pretty enviable perks these days, including swimming pools, gyms, rooftop hangouts and communal gardens. Nipping down to the shops when you run out of milk is made easier when there’s a supermarket situated on the ground floor, and lots of apartments come with secure car spaces and lovely things like balconies as well. It makes everything very easily accessible.


Less gardening

Sure, having your own private park is lovely, and can make topless sunbathing much easier, but here’s something that won’t come as a surprise: gardens are a lot of work. Before downsizing, my parents used to sacrifice most weekends to gardening, and although the results were beautiful, the time-drain used to take all the fun out of their Sundays. This is one chore that’s eliminated in an apartment. You can still grow some herbs to add a little greenery and help with cooking, and if you have a green thumb and still want to get those hands in the soil, then you can easily plant some in your balcony..


No one wants to end up on an episode where their is way more stuff than people living in there. Luckily, the chances of this happening are seriously diminished when you don’t have endless rooms to fill. Living in an apartment means you generally accumulate less stuff that you didn’t really need in the first place, and this can also equate to a smaller chance of clutter.


This is a big one. As the average house price continues to increase, younger buyers are being pushed out of the market and a traditional home just isn’t a realistic option for many people. Apartments tend to be more affordable than houses.  A smaller floor plan can also equal reduced gas and electric bills, thanks to the reduced amount of space to heat and cool.



An apartment can be your ticket to that trendy inner-city suburb where houses cost a small fortune. Most developments are built in thriving communities close to public transport, shops, restaurants and entertainment, and are an easy distance from the city. Which leads me right to…

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