Baby’s new favourites- Azafran organic crayons

My little one is 2.8 yo and has just started school.At this age kids are ready and all charged up to explore and take over the world.They are the most inquisitive at this time.Half of the exploration happens through their mouth.Anything and everything has to be chewed or licked by a toddler once. I recently came across Azafran organic crayons and these are the best.


I was on and off searching for organic crayons since a long time but nothing really caught my eye as these did.The first thing that attracted me was their unusual shape and I knew i had made my mind already.


I came across Azafran organic crayons and I knew i had to try them out.I was sent a sample by their team and i have to say i am highly impressed.


Azafran organic crayons
Azafran organic crayons

I received a pack of Azafran organic crayons where there were 8 colours in the pack.Unlike other crayons, these were shaped in small block sized shapes which make them easier for the toddler to hold.

The texture is extremely creamy and soft which is the best part.Usually, crayons are rough but you really have to try these to know what I’m talking about.

It is a great tool for toddlers who are learning to hold a pencil or colours as it is a chunky piece so helps the toddler in grabbing them well.

Also, helps in the hand and eye co-ordination.


unique shape for a better hold
unique shape for a better hold

THEY ARE NON-TOXIC-Even though my daughter is a toddler still at times she tends to put things in her mouth and with these organic crayons, I don’t have to worry about this.These crayons are made of organic waxes of palm and soya, organic soya butter and food grade colour making it 100% safe for kids.


Generally, crayons tend to get a little sticky on the child’s hands and also tend to leave a weird residue while used on paper.It is totally different with these ones.No residue on paper is left except for the creamy textured colour that the child uses.


Toddlers usually struggle at first while holding colours because they are pencil shaped and are a little difficult to grip.The unique shape of these crayons makes it very easy for toddlers to hold them in one go.

A pack of 8 colours is priced at Rs 200/- and are easily available online

You can buy them HERE

These crayons are not only great in texture and shape but are also completely bio degradable. I would definitely give it a thumbs up as my daughter is having a ball scribbling using these.


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