Baby’s first ever trip,had to be Disneyland

Since after Amaira’s birth life had become so so chaotic that I had literally forgotten what a vacation is.The last time we went for a vacation was for our honeymoon in 2013.We went to this beautiful island in Malaysia known as Langkawi.What a fab place it was.So baby Amaira was 8 months old,im talking about 2015 coz she was born in 2014 november.
baby's first ever trip had to be DisneylandIt was the month of may.In april suddenly Rahul one day said let’s get her passport made.On hearing this my first actual reaction was”are you out of your mind”?and in the first place it’s not as if we were travelling somewhere with her, so why to go through the whole process of getting the passport made right now.Little did I know that Rahul had something big planned.He somehow convinced me and we went to get her passport done.Btw she didn’t compromise at all while waiting in the queue at the passport office just in case you were wondering.


baby's first ever trip had to be DisneylandI thought thank god its done as we came home.To my surprise we had the passport home in 3 days to be precise.My birthday falls on the 12th of may.But this time I had no plans because obviously I was so occupied with Amaira and trying to get myself adjusting in the new life.On the 7th of may Rahul handed me an envelope, I opened and almost died.We were going to Hong Kong two days later for my birthday.I just couldn’t hold my excitement.Though later I realized how im going to prepare in just two days.But we managed.


baby's first ever trip had to be Disneyland




We left on the 9th night.We traveled by Thai Airways.They had a transit at Bangkok too.So we tought we would stay here while returning from Hong kong.








baby's first ever trip had to be Disneyland


The reason we booked a night flight was we thought Amaira would sleep, but she proved us very wrong.She was all happy and settled until the plane took off.And omg.The rest is like history.She started screaming at the top of her voice, everyone on the flight started peeping from everywhere and I was oh so embarrassed.We basically traveled the entire night and reached there in the morning.


baby's first ever trip had to be Disneyland



Hong kong was beautiful.I love the smell of new places, new airports, different people.I was so so so over the top that I forgot that I actually hadn’t slept for even 5 mins.On reaching our hotel I felt so relieved.This day was almost over.we had our trip to Disneyland planned for my birthday.This was the view from our room.



baby's first ever trip had to be Disneyland


The next day we woke up, got ready and usual we were late.I dressed Amaira in a super Disney romper.She looked the cutest.As soon as i reached there.It was like my childhood dream coming true.And obviously if you want to take your baby abroad for the first time.What better place than Disneyland.It was just magical.You really have to experience it to be there.Words and pictures cannot do enough justice.


baby's first ever trip had to be Disneyland


I was the happiest person that day.Heavy rain added to the charm after sometime.My birthday could not have been any better.The inner child that had got lost, came back was a two in one celebration.Amaira went crazy seeing the characters and so did her mom.


baby's first ever trip had to be Disneyland




It actually felt like jumping into your tv screen and wow.mickey, Minnie, goofy.everybody was there, I did not want to miss any chance when it came to getting pictures clicked.










disney_fireworks_take_2_by_otaru23-d366752it was dark and an announcement was made for everybody to gather at a particular point to see the fireworks.They were the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.






I really did not want to go back to the hotel.and how could i not pick up stuff from their souvenir store?Amaira went totally gaga on seeing so many stuffed toys there, but soon after went off to sleep as she was exhausted.So were we but when it comes to shopping,I’m all charged up as fresh as a morning bird.embarrassment alert here as well.but she was a well-behaved baby apart from the trouble we had in flight.And our experience was amazing.Like really far better than the experiences we hear from other people.There is always a first time as they say.and what better place to take your baby anywhere else than Disneyland.


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