All about self-service analytics

The best kind of self-service analytics platforms allow users to create, schedule, share and access important business data. Self service reporting can benefit your business in a lot of ways. Basic access to information that is used to run your business is very important in order to achieve success. Self service data platforms can collect information and data from hundreds of reports and organize it in a way where the progress of your business can be easily seen.

The benefits of the same can be beyond what one actually thinks. Not only it can save you time, money and hard work but also it would ultimately result in the success of your business.

  • Self service Analytics platforms increase productivity – Many businesses have their data spread across numerous spreadsheets and sites. To organize it in one place can be a task for anyone. The following task is sure to be full of errors as it is humanly near to impossible doing the same single-handedly. More people involved means more money involved. This particular service cuts the cost to run reports manually and does the work for you, increasing productivity and cutting all extra costs.
  • Business intelligence improves data quality – One of the greatest advantages is the effect that they have on the data quality. This is the one thing that gathers most of the complaints when we talk about businesses. Often people do your work but it ultimately results in bad quality data. Searching for data in tonnes of folders and sites can be real hard work. With keeping the data in one place it is easier to analyse and correct the same.
  • Helps in creating better reports – With more than half of the work done by analytics itself it gets much easier to prepare a report. When all the data is collected in one place, it saves a lot of time and cost which ultimately results in better reports. When one sits down to make a reporting, gathering information is the last thing they would want to do. Hence, this makes it much easier to achieve their goal.

These were a few things I thought would be useful to you all. Do let me know in the comments if you found this to be useful in any way.

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