An afternoon well spent with the Chicco team

Last week I was invited to the Chicco headquarters in Gurgaon to meet the entire team and also Mr. Rajesh Vohra,  the CEO of Artsana India Pvt. Ltd; a subsidiary of the Italy based leading baby care and health care company. We all have heard of Chicco widely in India but what we all don’t know is that Chicco is one of the biggest global baby care brands from Italy and is also a part of the Italian multinational company, Artsana group.


The soft meet at the Chicco office started off as an informal discussion about the brand itself. Questions were asked and all the queries were cleared. The one fact I was the most impressed by was that there was an answer to everything we asked.

at the chicco headquarters
at the chicco headquarters

We were later taken on a mini tour to the store located inside the  office itself. We were briefed about all the possible products present there. Each category was thoroughly introduced and we were so glad because we got to know so much more about the brand itself. The components, the new launches, a lot of chicco products that we had possibly missed seeing at other stores. We got to know the efforts and tests even a little toy car goes through to ensure the safety.Each of their products, clothes, shoes, bathing range, travel gear etc. goes through thorough series of tests to ensure that it is safe for kids.


  • TOYS


the new natural sensation range
the new natural sensation range

Going through all the chicco products there we were also introduced to the new NATURAL SENSATION range which is extra gentle on babies. It was launched in January this year. I’m currently using the same on my daughter and it is the best thing ever. A detailed review about these will be up in my next blog post, stay tuned.


With the CEO Mr Rajesh Vohra
With the CEO Mr Rajesh Vohra

The lovely team at Chicco did not let us leave without a little something for my daughter.It was a gesture that won my heart.

range of chicco products
range of chicco products

They gifted a range of products for her and also a fabulous toy car which my daughter is absolutely hooked on to since then. Thank you to the entire Chicco team for such a wonderful afternoon and also for the lovely gifts for my little one.




16 thoughts on “An afternoon well spent with the Chicco team

  1. Wow the brand is know for its quality but its amazing to see how generous they are to such important part of the baby care system i.e . Moms. I am so happy to read the post. It gives lot of confidence in the brand.

  2. Well known brand, excellent product….but I’m told all is not well at Indian office of Chicco. Too high employee turnover. Even heard of that their ex CFO has sued the company and its directors on some issue. Let’s hope the brand remains available in india.

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