Advantages of sending your child to a boarding school

School is one of the most cherished and determining phases in a child’s life. It is the determiner which contributes to a child’s all-round development. Today, co-educational boarding schools are designed to identify the potential in each child, with the aim of aiding his/her growth. It is not only an institution that focuses on academic enhancement; it also nurtures the all-round development of each child.

Here are a few Advantages of sending your child to a boarding school.

    • CONFIDENCE– Arguably the greatest advantage of sending your child to a boarding school is to develop a remarkable boost in their confidence. Children learn to be independent from the beginning, which provides them with an extra edge over the others. Boarding schools not only focus on academics but also on other co-curricular activities which exposes them to the different facets of life.

  • INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION– Due to a small class number, each student gets thorough attention. This means that each student is guided with great care while keeping in mind his/her abilities. In boarding schools, children are given optimum support to develop an impressive personality. This is largely due to the individualized attention provided by the teacher working effectively with small class sizes.
  • STANDARDIZED LIVING – While living in a boarding school environment, each child is treated on an equal basis. Whether he/she is from an upper-class or a middle-class family, there is no discrimination whatsoever regarding the students. All students experience the same curriculum and embrace the same lifestyle. As a consequence, children are adequately prepared to survive and contribute significantly in their own right.
  • SELF RESPONSIBILITY – Growing up in a boarding environment brings along its own advantages; one of them that a child learns to take up responsibilities. Students in boarding schools tend to adapt to new environments quickly and therefore look after themselves as they have a great sense of responsibility. It is an aspect that helps them throughout their lives and adds quality to their character.
  • LESSER DISTRACTIONS – Children at boarding schools have a much higher concentration level. This can be due to reasons that they don’t have any external distractions such as TV, phones etc. In the absence of these, it is easier for them to concentrate on the task at hand and enhance their performance.

Talking about boarding schools, I’d like to draw your attention towards King’s College India. British education is known worldwide for its excellence. Although there are not many British independent schools in India; King’s College has managed to fill this void in the Indian education system through its presence. It is definitely aiming to be the best school in India, run by a premier, long established, British educational institute which is a pioneer in establishing outstanding education.

King’s College India emphasizes the core values of integrity, honesty and compassion to ensure the development of each child into becoming a responsible world citizen. The school is affiliated to the Cambridge International Examinations Board. Being the first British independent school in India, their curriculum aims to generate academic excellence and create a platform for students to succeed at IGCSE, the world’s most popular international certification for secondary school. Wherein it aims to bring out the best in every child academically, the College also provides their students with problem-solving capabilities to excel in any walk of life.

In addition to academic lessons, King’s College India encourages sports, music, culture and sensitivity to the world.  This is all delivered in an atmosphere of compassion, harmony and service. UK-trained teachers at this co-educational boarding school guide and mentor many aspects of school life whilst working alongside Indian colleagues to ensure that the highest teaching standards are maintained, thereby building a strong credibility.

Of equal importance is the holistic approach towards each child. This will enable young men and women of real worth to emerge and play their part in leading their families, their communities and their countries. The school is, without doubt, setting itself up to be the best international British Boarding school in India.

The main reasons which made this school standout for me are:

  • It has brought the legacy of King’s College Taunton (which is now 137 years old) to India, thereby making British education easily accessible in India
  • The school has renowned expat faculty to add to the International exposure of its students
  • The huge 21-acre campus and the high-security measures taken by the school ensure that your child enjoys a safe and fun learning experience
  • The International exposure for students in amplified by taking every student out for an International trip once a year. This is unlike any other school that I’ve across in India
  • Their boarding facilities are flexible i.e. they offer daily, weekly and full boarding facilities. This means that if you stay nearby and want to send your child for a weekly boarding (with pick and drop facilities being available from the school), then you can also opt for this option
  • The school focuses on providing global exposure for children – trips are also organized to Universities such as Oxford and Cambridge in a student’s later years in order to help them make an informed decision

The idea of British education being available in India has greatly excited me! Let me know your views in the comment section below.


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