Is adoption a good choice?

Choosing adoption does not only mean choosing a home for your baby. If you wish, you can plan for some future contact with the adoptive family that you choose.  For this reason, many expectant parents find adoption to be the best possible choice for their child. It is a choice made with the deepest love, understanding, and hopes for a child and for the future.

Adoption benefits everyone who is touched by it. All mothers who lovingly place their child for adoption go on to live a very fulfilling life. In comparison to single mothers who decide to parent their child, those who place are more likely to finish school, and have higher educational aspirations. They are also less likely to divorce in the future, and have another single-parent pregnancy. Contrary to what people believe, women that make an adoption plan  are not any more likely to experience negative psychological consequences, such as depression, than are mothers who have children as single parents.

Similarly, adoptive parents often find their “happily-ever-after” following placement. Nearly all of the parents who adopted children through a private, domestic agency describe their adoption experience as better than ever expected, and one of the best decisions of their lives. Adoptive parents, because of the fulfillment of a child, go on to maintain a healthy, loving relationship.

Adopted children also have enriching experiences in their families. A lot of adopted children ages 5 and older have positive feelings about their adoption. Mostly half of all adopted children eat dinner with their families at least six days per week.

It is normal for you, as an expectant parent, to worry about how your child will cope as he or she grows older and begins to understand the reality of adoption. You may not want your child to be angry with you, hurt by the situation, or feel alone. The fact is adoption has evolved quite a bit over recent years. Many children have peers that are also adopted. Adoptions are no longer secret, and children grow up knowing about their birthparents and have their questions answered. In fact, 99 percent of children today know that they are adopted, and the vast majority of the adoptions today are open or at least semi-open.

By maintaining contact with your child, whether directly or through letters and pictures at , your child can grow up understanding your choice to place.  Placing your child for adoption is, above all, a selfless decision. Your child will be grateful for the opportunities that you have given him or her, the opportunities that, at one point, you were unable to provide.

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