About Me


I’m Taranpreet – A mom by choice and a blogger by accident. What initially started as a way to vent out my feelings slowly and gradually turned into full time blogging.  Life has been a roller coaster – like seriously the fastest and tallest that you can imagine. But im loving every part of it.

                                                                              ABOUT MY FAVORITE PEOPLE

I met my husband almost 5 years back and it was love at first sight, soon we got married and after 2 years we were blessed with “AMAIRA”. We loved to travel and continued doing the same after her as well.It wasn’t as easy but definitely memorable.

                                                                                                   MY BLOG

As i mentioned above it all started as nothing but a temporary solution to vent out my feelings. I had absolutely no clue that writing about my life would actually interest me so much. There were so many people i could relate to. The more i wrote about my experiences, the more people could relate. It became like a virtual family i had across the other side of my laptop screen.

All of us have had different stages in pregnancy and as a parent. Nothing is correct or incorrect when it comes to parenting. Here i have documented every major stage and what it felt like being in that moment. And i will continue doing the same.

Also i collaborate at times with brands for reviews on their products.I always make sure to introduce with you all the things that i personally love and use.