A wife’s male friend,still a taboo

Out of numerous issues that are still taboo in India, one of the issues is about a woman who is married and still has a male friend. How hard is it for people to understand that a friend is a friend be it a male or a female.

People don’t go out in search of friends based on their sex.Friendship just happens.Why is it so that a man is never questioned about the number of female friends he has?Why is it so that nobody even bothers to think twice when a man has a female friend?Around us are so many people who go through the same.All the explanation is left on the wife’s shoulder.How can a woman who is married have a male friend?How will the society react? What if she is pointed as characterless.Which my dear friends are quite a possibility!!

male friend, still a taboo

There have been my friends whom I have seen completely changing into a different person post marriage.They stop talking to their friends only because he is a male.How does this justify anything in the first place?Their respective husbands make them feel that they are the only male character who is important in their lives, friends were a part of your life, now they’re not.And to my surprise girls even accept this explanation.

If a wife can understand the fact that her husband can have female friends and it is completely normal then why can’t husbands understand the same things about their wives.Again the age-old difference between a man and a woman stands so strong here irrespective of how progressive the society is now.Some people never change.Lucky are the people who have understanding partners.

It’s high time we stop convincing people that two people of different sex can also be just friends.Its rare for people who are still the best of friends after marriage.A wife never questions her man and so she has the right to not be questioned at all about her male friends.Its high time we stop bothering about what others think of us.A friend is a friend whether of a wife or a husband.

P.S I’m blessed with a husband who understands and practices the same.And my best friend too is a male.

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