A new world,A new me


We all know and agree to the fact that bringing a new life into this world or as we say giving birth is one of the greatest miracles.As I was still adjusting myself to the new life,i felt it was much more than just a change as they say.My world was new and so was i.It takes some time for your mind and heart to accept that this part of you,your baby is and always will be the most important priority for you.No amount of sacrifice can settle your thankfulness for this little thing sent by god.

I changed myself after marriage as well.It happens to all of us, doesn’t it?.But never had i thought that motherhood would bring about a change in me that was way beyond my imagination.I was the most carefree person you could ever know.I always wanted to hang out with my friends.Give myself sometime out of my house.Get ready on weekends.Spend time with my parents.Go shopping and probably come back with 10 bags in my hand.Just what an average girl is.I was the same.I was like you.But now there was this sudden change of heart.By sudden i also mean major major major.I felt like holding myself back from the things i enjoyed the most sometime ago.

So what happened was that my life began at my baby and probably ended there.I would not spent time with family or my husband because i wanted to spend time with her,i wanted her to have all of my time.I left my friends because i wanted to be her best friend.I did not want to dress up anymore because i wanted her to look the prettiest.I did not mind skipping my meals if i had to because i did not want her to ever feel hungry in the first place.I spent less time with my parents because i wanted to be a parent to her.I no more felt like picking up heavy shopping bags with fancy stuff because i wanted to lift bags with her dirty diapers in it.I did not want to go out because i never wanted to miss any new action of hers.I did not mind settling in for non branded clothes because i wanted her to be the most stylish person ever.

It’s a feeling that god sends with the baby.The more time you spend with the baby the more u feel attached.Its just like u actually can’t feel what is it to become a mother until and unless you become one.Your life is changed.You are changed but i guarantee that this is one of the most beautiful changes in ones life and obviously nobody would mind it.

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