A mother who works without a leave

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All of us are so busy in our respective lives that we wait desperately for an off from work or an off from household chores.We feel it is very important so that we can take time out and relax with our family,husband,kids,friends.Ever wondered how irritated or depressed we feel when our free day suddenly gets occupied with work or else our leave from work gets cancelled.

While we go through so many emotions just for a day off there is someone who works every day of the week without any leave.Someone who plays an important role in our lives but is so easily forgotten.Her presence is never felt until and unless she takes an off and we get a reality check.Yes i am here talking about our domestic help.Our maid who is so dear to us but we have no realisation of it.For her it is important to work on all days of the week without a leave.She too has a family,a house to look after,kids to run after.She is just another woman like you,like me,like us.She too is a mother. But getting our house cleaned is far more important right??.We would probably short fall of breath if we come to know that she is taking an off.She is apparently allowed to take an off only and specifically when she can’t even get out of the bed and has no scope of even trying to come for work.

While on one hand if we have cold we feel super lazy to even get off the bed,if she has cold we would tell her(arre cold hi toh hai ,ajao kaam pe)its just cold ,you can still come to work.We can’t leave our children unattended even for 5 minutes whereas she leaves her kids home alone just to keep an eye on ours.She is a mother,a wife a multi Tasker.Probably a bigger multi tasker than you and me but has never receives the credit that she should for all this.

We are often so self-centred that we fail to realise that she is looking after our house and our kids leaving hers behind.We should salute her for the extra effort made by her to run her family.She is too a perfect example of a modern indian woman who helps her huband shoulder to shoulder to run their home by working while side by side looking after their kids as well .The next time your maid asks you for an off,think twice before u say no.She deserves an equalright for relaxation as much as you do.Or maybe more than you do.

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