A complete transition

I used to love kids.Since forever. Cute little babies with those chubby little red cheeks.I wanted to eat them up.Any social gathering in the family or friends would end up me being with somebody’s baby.Leave alone family, I was one of those people who would end up playing with a strangers baby too. Embarrassing everybody around and with me. Anyway!! Little did I know that a big transition was around the corner.

you’ll get a lesson when u have your own kids, said random aunties around me.its easy playing with someone else baby. Making me think oh it’s not that big of a deal I was definitely wrong.

Before I became a mommy.Weekend mornings were a specific” no disturb mode”, not that I used to work on weekdays but generally let’s go with the flow. Sunday was specifically meant for going out, shopping, dinner. I could easily shop without trying new stuff. Overconfidence u see. Not that I lost this after the baby bug was here. In fact, I did or rather tried doing the same and failed miserably only to realize I had to try each and every piece of clothing I buy now.I literally had to check and try each cloth I buy like 20 times so that I don’t have to come back to get it exchanged. My body had changed so much, it scared me. Not in a horrified sense but yes It was totally opposite of what I was before my little one.

I was like, “excuse me what”? But yes.”Reality check”.When reality hits, it hits hard.Now I know. Now I really really know.

Weekends were no long weekends, rather more tiring because there was an evil voice inside my head that said ‘Oh, its a weekend and you’re still home, oh I’m sorry you are a mom. I used to hate myself. All this while I was fighting myself within my head. Answering back, arguing at every point but I did know whatever my inner voice said was unfortunately true.

The word transition made much more sense now. I never knew I could adjust so much and change my routine completely.And even after feeling like a zombie I could have the most presentable face. That’s all about being a mommy I guess.

All said. I love how my house is full of giggles and laughter and baby clothes and toys here and their None of us are born mothers, we grow on to become mothers.I would any day prefer this more than a clean house. I  can today proudly say, I love being a mommy and my Baby bug is the most precious gift life could ever give me.

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  1. Omg it’s a phase u gone through and most of us but I must say u expressed the real storyof every mom , it will convert into a beautiful memory as I think it has for u ,ur lil baby is so damn lucky to have a mom like u who has sacrificed her lifestyle for her … Muaaah Darlling and further when she’ll b able to read all this m sure she’ll b proud of u 😘😘😘

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