Let’s share the load

International Women’s Day is celebrated around the world on of  8th of March every year. While celebrating the same have we ever given a thought to it? I guess not. Everyday is womens day if you feel so. This women’s day for me was made extra special as I got be a part of a super special camapign from Ariel that said #sharetheload. I was moreover excited because I believe in the same. And also because Ariel is one of the many brands that I have grown up seeing at home. Obviuosly, when a brand like this comes up with such a progressive campaign, one is ought to support and believe in the same. In India, most of us have been brought up teaching that house chores are a woman’s job. Be it cooking, cleaning or even odd house jobs it is a woman’s responsibility and but a mans. Men are apparently only supposed to earn. That is not at all true, women today are equally eligible to do anything they want to.

On another note,  I am lucky to have a husband who treats every piece of work as his responsibility too. In India specially, all of us have been brought up in a way where we all think that home chores are only a women’s job to do. Men don’t clean, men don’t cook. But I ask why not? A home is as much a mans responsibility as much of it is for a woman.

A woman can be a homemaker and so much more and similarly a man can be a CEO and still contribute by sharing the load. As special guests we had Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta who are celebrated tv personalities. Both of them agreed to the campaign whole heartedly. It was so encouraging for men around listening to know that Ravi actually shares the load and accepts it with full respect he does. He believes that his partner too has complete freedom to pursue her dreams. Chores don’t see the gender of the person doing them.

Post this exciting event, there was a special screening of Captain Marvel held for us and I want to say I throuoghly enjoyed the movie. Specially on women’s day, I could see why Captain marvel was the perfect hero for all us modern women out there. There couldn’t have been a better role model

The film does cover a  plenty of stereotypical female issues for Carol Danvers, and many of her struggles, based on her gender, are very real and very much relatable for today’s women. For one instance, the audience learns that Danvers wanted to be treated just the same as her brothers when she was younger, but she was often set aside as the girl.  However, that type of treatment does not prevent Danvers from later becoming a Starforce warrior and an imposing fighter that is loyal to the Kree cause.

Like many women before her, Danvers is treated with both sexism and stereotypes in the movie. As a Starforce warrior, she feels the same profoundly, but sexist treatment also appears in Danvers’ personal life. However, Danvers emerges as a woman who works hard to disprove the sexist treatment she experiences, and she finds motivation in proving people wrong. That makes her relatable to the modern woman, as well since many of them have also found inspiration in breaking out of the norm .

Her character clearly motivated us as women to go behind what we like and wish to do, to fulfill our dreams and ambitions. After all, his is exactly what women’s day stands for. The freedom of choice and equality.

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