Tips to soothe a baby with colic

COLIC is a term that every parent is mostly aware of and really dreads. It is a condition that
disturbs the gastrointestinal tract of mostly babies and causes severe pain at times. This phase
can be one of the most difficult ones to deal with. It can be really stressful for new parents because it’s at times difficult to gauge.
Basic symptoms of COLIC include abdominal discomfort/pain, gas, a slightly hard belly, and the
most common one is inconsolable bouts of crying. There is no definite source of the cause of the
same but it is mostly due to indigestion in babies as their movement is very restricted. Also, it
might be due to what a nursing mother eats or even just sensitivity to milk or formula milk.
As a parent, I have been through the same. My daughter would cry inconsolably at times and it
was almost impossible to calm her down. I wanted to help you all out in someway, so I’m here
sharing a few ways that might help to soothe a colicky baby.
Rocking is the most common practice we all do as soon as our baby cries. Take the child for a
ride out, a walk, or just roam around the house to calm him down. At first it might not help but
eventually it will. This is something that has always worked for me.
Lay the baby in the tummy down pose on your legs and gently rub the back. This helps majorly
to relese any gas that has been caught up. A few days back I came across a miraculous product
which is mother Sparsh tummy roll on. Mother sparsh tummy roll on is 100% ayurvedic which is
formulated with natural herbs that help to treat colic and indigestion in babies.
This product is a combination of Hing oil and Saunf oil that provides immediate relief from gas
discomfort caused in infants and children.

Hing oil has antiseptic properties in it that helps to reduce the acid reflux. The presence of fennel
oil in the roll on also helps in problems like bloating and gas. This particular product contaisns
no alchohol or reservatives and is 100% ayurvedic. Using the same would definitely give relief
to your little one. You can buy the same here.
A single sound, like the sound of rain, hair dryer can actually help calm your baby. It is a well
known concept in a lot of countries and is slowly being accepted here too. The sound is similar
to what the child hears in the womb, hence it helps in calming the child down.
Make your baby lie down with his back downwards and gently start pedaling his legs in a
cycling motion. This helps in releasing gas that might be caught up in his tummy, causing
Well, if none of the above things work then the only thing causing discomfort in your little ones
tummy is your diet. If you are nursing then you know whatever you eat affects your child. In this
case, stop having dairy and consult your doctor on what to have and what not to have.
Well, I hope you found this blog to be useful and if you did then do let me know in the
comments below.

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