Tips to soothe a colicky baby

Being a new parent, we all have our moments where we think like we are not doing it right. Mine was the time when my daughter suffered from colick. The actual known cause for colic is still unknown. A few moms term it as a form of indigestion and the others term it as a mild allergy that the child might be going through. As a mom, it is really difficult to handle a colicky baby if he is constantly crying the whole day. In such a case as a mom, you just want to get down to the root cause of it.

Not every time the baby cries would be because of colic, the child might be unwell. In such a case a doctor should be consulted at the earliest.

I had a lot of trouble coping up with a colicky baby. With the little experience that I have, I’m sharing a few tips that helped me soothe down my colicky baby.


As soon as we hear our little one crying the first thing we do is pick up the child. We don’t realize that picking up the child might just worsen the situation. Instead, we should let the child lie down and gently rub his back. This might calm him down a little.


The baby gets more irritated when awake. Of course, you wouldn’t want to feed him when he is already colicky. Instead of trying to indulge him in some other activities, let the baby sleep.

colicky baby


Place the child on his stomach and try and rub his back in a massaging motion. This might help him release the pent-up gas. Also, you could try to do a cycling motion with the baby’s legs to help release gas further.


When you know nothing is working try and check your own diet. This tip is only applicable if you are still nursing your baby. What you eat affects the baby directly so you should keep a strong check on the same. Try eliminating things like cabbage, dairy products, and spicy food from your diet.


The concept of white sound is still a little unknown in India. White sound is the sound that the child has heard while he was in the womb. Hence this helps a lot of time to calm down the baby. You could use recorded sound of rain or even the sound of your own hair dryer would work perfectly.

These were a few tips I tried. Some worked while others did not. I’m sure you all must have tried these too. Let me know in the comments below if you have.

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