Easy ideas to dress this navratri

Navrati festival marks the beginning of festivities in India. From here on there are so many reasons given to us to dress up and just have a joyous time with our loved ones. Often 1 thing that confuses me the most is dressing up during this time. The festival of navratri for me means just to live live in every colour for a few days.

Think bright colours, dazzling lights, long nights, music along with synchronized and coordinated dancing! Yes the season of Navratri is here and if you have not made a decision on what you are going to wear, here are some outfit ideas that can help and keep you looking chic all through Navratri:

  1. JUMPSUIT WITH A TWIST –   Give your jumpsuit a twist with a layered embroidery mirror work jacket to bling it up. Wear a basic solid coloured suit and team it up with a bright coloured jacket to strike the perfect balance.


2. MAXI DRESSES ON THE GO –  Sometime lehengas and cholis can be a tad bit too old fashioned. But if you’re  looking for something just as breezy and something that has just as much movement, then try a printed maxi dress like this . Cinch it at the waist to break the monotony. Pile on your favourite oxidized jewellery to make them look even more festive. This look is my personal favourite if you ask


3. DENIM ALWAYS – If you are too particular and do not want to go out of your comfort zone, then there is a life saving hack for you. Pair your favourite comfy denims with a embroidered choli and add a dupatta for the indo western look. A chunky piece of jewellery or some colourful bangles should balance out the look well.


4. LET THE PALLAZOS FLOW – Ever since the fashion of pallazos have arrived in India, i have personally been a very big fan of the same. I’m sure a lot of you find pallazos super comfortable to wear too. Get any coloured pallazos, pair them with a basic tshirt and too glam up the whole look add an embroidered belt. As much as e ignore these tiny details but they honestly can make or break the whole look.


5. BACK IS BACK – If you are going the lehenga choli route then try being a bit experimental with the blouse, like you can try different back designs to the blouse to get that oomph factor. Try using laces and different gotas to add a different level of experiment to your regular outfits.


I hope you found this to be useful and if you did then please let me know in the comments below. Also, comment on what type of look would you be trying out for this navratri.


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