5 tips to put your baby to sleep

Putting your new born to sleep can be the most difficult task and when you think of it, baby sleep is very important.  If you are a aren’t or even a new parent you exactly know what I’m talking about. At the end of a super tiring day, all you want is your baby to sleep well so that you can get the much needed rest as well as finish up the pending house chores too.


Most of the time this is one issue that is the most common in little ones and is the most widely faced by parents all around. Setting a routine for these little ones definitely takes a lot of time and patience but once it’s done, it is totally worth the hard work.

Often this does not happen. Babies have trouble sleeping for a long period of time. Here I am sharing a few tips with you that worked well for me.




We often see newborns having indefinite sleep patterns. Well this is majorly because of the reflex they possess where they feel they are falling. Due to the same they wake up in the middle of their sleep crying. To prevent this its always a good idea to swaddle them tight enough. This gives them a comfortable feeling hence resulting in long sleep.

2). FEED THEM BEFORE YOU SLEEP – One idea that really worked well was to feed the baby just before you are about to go to bed. Doesn’t matter if it’s formula or breastfeed. We as mothers mostly assume that if the child is hungry he will wake up on his own, yes they do but at times they don’t. This practice ensures that the child doesn’t wake up the same moment as soon as you decide to lie down.

3). USE WHITE NOISE – Until sometime back I too was totally unaware of the same. But as and when I read more about it, I got to know what an excellent saviour it is. White noise has a lot of benefits for little ones. The noise emitted is very similar to the sound babies hear in the womb, hence the reason it comforts them. It is also very handy when you have friends over, just put the white noise on and your baby is good to go.

4). LIMIT DAY NAPS – As much as we want our kids to sleep during the day so that we can get some rest, we forget that the same thing might prove to be a little troublesome at night. I personally used to wake my baby up within 2 to 2.5 hours during the day, feed him and keep him a little engaged in something. This way he slept better at night.

baby sleep

5). DEVELOP A  PRE NAP ROUTINE – Putting your baby into a routine has long term benefits. Developing a routine when they are still a few months old really helps them calm down a bit. A pre nap routine can include anything like a rhyme, turning on white noise, holding and cuddling them or even a massage followed by a warm bath.

These are a few things that are very easy to follow and would definitely help you putting your little one to sleep. Do let me know in the comments below if you found this blog useful.

Also let me know if there were any tips you followed and that worked for you.

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