5 things that helped me lose my baby weight

I was really thin before pregnancy and a total opposite post it. I know most of the women who gain weight naturally lose it with time and also majorly with breast feeding. This did not happen with me because my little one did not breast feed. I had gained a surprising 20 kgs. From 45 I was at 65.Being winters, I couldn’t really do much and also because of the reason that I had a c section surgery. My options were very limited and tied. Today I will be sharing with you all a few random things that actually helped me lose my baby weight post the baby.

  • STEPPING UP -One thing that favoured me was the fact that my flat was on the 3rd story and there was no lift. About 2 months post my surgery I was comfortable to do this. I would purposely go up and down the whole day for small little things. Not only did it help in burning extra calories but also greatly helped in toning my legs.
  • DANCING TO THE BEAT – I loved dancing and still do. On the days when I couldn’t do much all I would do is put on my favourite music and dance around the house. I would do small little chores along like folding laundry. This activity made sure that I was moving enough and enjoying at the same time. After all we all agree that there is nothing better than getting your wok done while having awesome time.

  • WALKING IT OUT – We all have those lazy days when there is no work done. I had them too and honestly it was alright. But I just wanted to make sure that I do not keep sitting at one place. On certain days I would make my daughter lie in the pram and just walk around the house strolling her. I would make it a point to walk for atleast 40 minutes if not more. My baby slept at peace while I burned some calories.

  • WATCHING CALORIES – I loved chips and everything junk. Post the baby it was another way to just relax and feel good about myself. After a point I decided to say a complete no to chips and sodas. It was initially difficult but not impossible. Hunger pangs often lead to having junk but instead we should try supplementing it with a healthier option.
  • TREADMILL TO SAVE THE DAY – When all my options were blocked this was the last one I took. Having a treadmill at home I still preferred the other options first. On certain days when I just couldn’t make it to doing even 1 activity, I would surely hop on to the treadmill and try brisk walking for about 40 mins. It just made me feel good knowing that yes I am still trying hard to stay on track.

These were 5 very honest things that I did and luckily it worked for me. Did you guys do the same or something else helped you lose the baby weight? Do let me know in the comments section below.

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