5 post pregnancy issues no one tells you about


When you found out you were pregnant, you knew your life was going to change forever! That particular moment I’m sure is unforgettable for everybody. So much to look forward to like bringing your baby home, seeing his first smile, changing his first diaper and basically just the first of everything.

And you knew your body was in for some major changes too like gaining weight, morning sickness maybe swollen feet too if you stayed on your feet too long. These are the things mostly everybody is aware of. Apart from this, there are a few post-pregnancy issues no one actually tells you about.

Few might surprise you. Here are five of them.


post pregnancy issues no one tells you aboutA lot of changes occur in the body during pregnancy. One of the first changes that a lot of women notice is darkening of the skin or more commonly known as pigmentation. Pregnancy hormones boost melanin in the body which increases pigmentation almost everywhere. A lot of affected areas will lighten and fade after birth.


post pregnancy issues no one tells you aboutDuring pregnancy, one noticeable change that occurs in almost every woman is a severe backache. While most of us think this is temporary and would be better post delivery but this is a long time ailment. The whole process of being pregnant, being with a child, breastfeeding and so on puts a lot of pressure on the front of the body. This basically leads to the curving of back and shoulders ultimately resulting in a poor posture.


post pregnancy issues no one tells you about

 Sleep deprivation is something a lot of new parents experience. I clearly remember the time when I had faced this during the first 6 months with my little one. The lack of sleep experienced by parents during this initial period takes a toll on the body. Sleep is equally important as much as other things are. Lack of sleep impacts the immunity system, making a person more susceptible to other diseases.

HAIRFAlL post pregnancy issues no one tells you about During pregnancy, the hormones surging through body result in reduced hair loss. The hair on your head will be nice and thick, and not to mention shinier. After giving birth, the tables turn and you’ll start losing more hair than usual. The good thing is, hormones eventually stabilize and hair loss returns to its normal rate.


post pregnancy issues no one tells you about

Between caring for a newborn who doesn’t sleep, dealing with a body that looks and feels different, it’s no wonder that some women experience mood swings. Motherhood requires a lot of adjustments so the responsibility and knowing what to do can be overwhelming. While these feelings are normal, a doctor should be consulted if you begin to feel sad for long periods of time and are struggling with daily tasks. Combined these could be symptoms of postpartum depression, something that I have personally suffered from.

I hope you could relate to the points I mentioned above, I was someone who experienced all of this. Do let me know in the comments section below if you too faced a  particular issue.

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