5 benefits of playing with clay

My little one just loves to play with clay. Indoors, this is her all time favourite activity. Clay in itself is very versatile and there are numerous ways in which children can experiment and explore the same.

Not only does clay give them an opportunity to be creative but also helps them learn a lot other things like shapes, textures. And the best part is that all this is done while having lots of fun.

There are a lot of benefits of playing with clay, sharing a few of them with you all.

benefits of playing with clay

1.Clay helps children develop small muscles in their fingers and hands. This process is also known as fine motor skills. Children pinch, pat, shape the same according to their preference which further helps in enhancing the sensory development .

2. Manipulating clay helps children with their hand and eye co ordination. Shaping the same into a specific shape requires focus and patience. With practice most children master the form and also develop great coordination

3. Clay can help children learn. While being introduced to numbers and letters the best way for them is to form the same out of it. Not only would this further help them in writing but also it helps them in memorising the same.

4. Clay is therapeutic. Playing with the same has a real calming effect on children. Not only it helps in relieving stress but also helps in offering a positive diversion for young minds.

5.Clay helps children learn colours. As we all know by now that it is a great sensory learning experience. It can be helpful in introducing children to primary and secondary colour. Later on complimentary and tertiary colours can be introduced to by mixing two favourable colours.

Little had I known earlier about all these benefits. Now one thing is for sure that I am never stopping my little one from playing with clay.


  • Always be sure to give non toxic version to children.
  • Put the clay in an air tight container post the use.
  • If it tends to dry, soak it in water and leave it out till it gets back to the normal consistency.

These were a few benefits of playing with clay. It’s one of the cheapest and easiest tools to keep the little ones occupies. Also, you can also try getting organic version for your children.

I hope you found this blog useful and if you did please let me know in the comments below.

Happy parenting!!


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