10 summer activity ideas for kids

My favourite season of the year is here. As weird as it may sound, I love summers. Well, it’s not only me but the kids too who love summers because they have a 2 month long vacation to enjoy.The most challenging task for any parent is keeping their kids engaged in some interesting activity. With summer vacations here, it’s moreover a 24*7 job. Sending the kids out to play is not an option because of the extreme heat so the only option is to keep them engaged indoors.

Kids get over a particular activity very soon. You cannot expect them to stick to one activity the whole day. Here I am sharing a few easy activities that can help you keep your kids busy for quite some time.

1. BOARD GAMES are a saviour when it comes to situations like this. Around toddler age, not only do the board games keep them occupied but also help in improving hand eye co ordination to a great extent.

2. IDENTIFY THE SHAPE is a game that can be easily played anytime anywhere. Just point out on any particular object and ask the kids to identify the same shape. Not only do the kids enjoy it, they learn a thing or two from the same as well.

3. PLAN A PICNIC with your kids in a nearby park when you feel the weather is appropriate enough. Let them run wild and have their favourite home made snacks.

4. FLAME LESS COOKING is something that my daughter loves doing. It makes them feel really important. You can help them make a sandwich, lemonade, salads, popsicles and a whole lot of other fun things. They can have fun doing the same.

5. DO A LITTLE GARDENING with your kids. Not only is it fun to play but also kids learn a thing or two about the environment. Gardening can be also made when the kids are made to identify different colours of the flowers.

6.TAKE THEM OUT FOR A MOVIE NIGHT now a days latest kids movies are available on theaters near you. Once in a while, take them out and let them experience the same. Of course the popcorn and soda makes it too much fun altogether.

7. EXPLORE THE CITY help them go around the city and explore things that they haven’t already. Take them out for a fun little metro ride. As normal as it may seem for us, the kids totally enjoy the same.

8. POOL SPLASH is one activity my child cannot live without. She absolutely loves the same. As a parent, I am extremely worried to take her to public pools, hence I always use an inflatable pool filled with bubbles for her to have fun.

9. TAKE THEM ON PLAY DATES children connect extremely well with other kids their age. Take them out together, they can be neighbours or even classmates. Let them play and have a gala time together.

10. ACTIVITY SHEETS are by far my favourite idea to keep my little one super occupied. You can create your own or even print the ones available online. Give them a new sheet everyday and see them learn and have fun.


I hope you found this blog to be useful, well if you did, then please let me know in the comments below.


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