10 Best gift ideas for children’s day

Children’s day is celebrated across the globe on various dates according to the different regions, but the purpose behind celebrating this beautiful day remains the same and that is to converse the rights of the child. In India, it gets to an even bigger level where we celebrate every  14th November as children’s day in the honour of our first prime minister Shri Jawaharlal nehru’s birthday. He was the first person who gave emphasis to child welfare in the country and that is why children used to refer him saying “Chacha Nehru”

Like every year, this year also one question that troubles every parent is what they should buy their kids for this children’s day. If you too have the same question, don’t worry. Today I am sharing with you a few unique gift ideas for this children’s day



Now, who doesn’t like dressing up especially when it’s for children’s day? My little one is 3 yo and already knows what to wear and when. A cute outfit would make another perfect gift idea for children’s day.


The best gift you can give your little one is time. More than anything else children need time with family members. This children’s day take them out for a lunch date or a picnic to their favourite place.


Again here children, be it of any age cannot resist toys. Instead of buying dolls and car sets its the best to invest in learning toys. With learning toys, children get to enjoy themselves along with learning a thing or two.


If your child is inclined towards books there is nothing like it. Books will always be a child’s best friend and what’s better than gifting your little one their favourite set of books this children’s day


This is my personal favourite too. Kids never miss a chance to buy the most stylish sets of pencils/pens. You can include colours, pens or whatever stationary item you like and gift it to them.10 best gift ideas for children's day


Today with so much variety available in the market for almost everything it is very easy to choose a gift. Just like other things money banks are also available in fun shapes and a lot of sizes. Along with adoring the gift children can also learn to save a little.


Nowadays anything can be customised as per our requirements. Be it a sheet, a blanket or even a mug. Nothing excites a child more than having their own name or picture on their stuff. My little one only sleeps with the blanket that has her name on it. This is a new concept and I’m sure kids would love it.


Be it superhero figures or cute teddy bears, soft toys never lose the charm. Kids of any age would love to receive their favourite soft toy as a gift.

9). BAGS

With new and fancy bags available nowadays it has become every child’s favourite. Most children prefer carrying their favourite cartoon character on their bag. My little one loves Disney. Buy them their favourite bag and make them happy.


10 gift ideas for childrens day

Cakes and chocolates are always loved by children of all age. The same goes for cakes too. Cadbury has to be my choice personally when it comes to chocolates. A gift hamper full of chocolates and small cupcakes would delight any child I’m sure.

Here’s a small TVC that I love


14 thoughts on “10 Best gift ideas for children’s day

  1. Gifting is a great idea. It works like both sides of coin… Giving gift gets immense satisfaction and receiving immense happiness

    Now it’s unique idea to gift children on children day as normally parents gift on their birthday or other special occasion.

    These 10 ideas will ensure more family bonding and long term sustainable relationship with our kids in this faster moving world. I salute to the writer for these ideas which we can initiate at our homes.

  2. Very Nice Ideas of gifting. This will be my baby’s 2nd Children’s Day and i will make it special for her because last year she was too little.. And yes this time i have lots of ideas with me. One of the idea i like the most is the going out with your little one.
    Applaud to you Taranpreet as you always write very Useful n Interesting Blogs.

  3. Wow!
    These are really great ideas, I must say!
    I’m sure it’ll help many parents to surprise their kids this children’s day!
    Very well penned here Taranpreet!

  4. Wow. This post came at the right time. I’m pretty awkward with children and gifts in general, and was stressing out about what to give a one and 2 year old (been invited to two friends’ kids’ birthday party this month) but thankfully now I know what to do. PHEW!

  5. Very beautifully written article. So adorable with the perfect blend of ideas. Your suggested gifts are the perfect gift for every child.I highly appreciate with all my heart.

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