10 amazing hair oils for beautiful hair


For longer, stronger and glossier hair, you need a superhero! The kind of hair oil that does justice by nourishing and showering your luscious locks with love and affection. A hair product that’s not just easy on the pocket, but also helps boost hair growth in the healthiest way possible.

1. Khadi Natural Vitalising Hair Growth Oil

10 amazing hair oil for beautiful hair
Use this fab hair oil to massage your scalp and strengthen your roots so that you wake up to gorgeous hair the next day. While it makes your hair thicker, it also helps prevent dryness and hair loss. Experience the goodness of sesame oil, coconut extracts, rosemary drops, Indian licorice by choosing this superpower hair oil.

Price: Rs 350.

2. Parachute 100% Pure Coconut Oil

10 amazing hair oil for beautiful hair
One of the biggest reasons why parachute oil has been around for decades is because it flawlessly delivers. Be it nourishing, strengthening or helping hair growth, this baby nails it! If you have dry and frizzy hair, this affordable coconut oil will do the needful. Did you also know that it works as a natural makeup remover? You should totally give it a try sometimes!

Price: Rs 81.
3. Soulflower Coldpressed Olive Carrier Oil

10 amazing hair oil for beautiful hair

Would you believe us if i told you that this organic hair oil acts as a deep conditioner and a dandruff controller at the same time? Well, you should! This tiny bottle is home to extracts from olive oil seeds, vitamins E, K and D3. Apply this oil to your hair five-six times a month and we bet you’ll have longer hair in no time.

Price: Rs 281.

4.VLCC Hair Strengthening Oil

10 amazing hair oil for beautiful hair
The beauty of this hair oil is that it strengthens hair from root to tip, heals the scalp from infections and protects hair from sudden climatic changes. It promotes hair growth by nourishing every follicle and simultaneously reduces hair fall efficiently. Trust us, this hair oil will be your bff pretty soon.

Price: Rs 276.

5. Clinic Plus Almond Gold Hair Oil

10 amazing hair oil for beautiful hair
If you’ve used and loved the clinic plus shampoo, then, you’ll also find the hair oil to be a pretty cool product. Contains vitamin E, mineral, coconut and almond oil. We bet this baby will give your mane the love and attention it deserves.

Price: Rs 80.

6.Unique Naturals Cold Pressed Castor Oil

10 amazing hair oil for beautiful hair
Have you always dreamt of having long, beautiful hair? This cool hair oil is about to make that dream of yours come true! With a blend of castor oil and other natural ingredients, it prevents split ends, boosts hair growth, prevents hair fall and leaves behind a healthy shine. Apart from using castor oil on your locks, you can also use it on your eyebrows and eyelashes to thicken and strengthen them.

Price: Rs 110.

7.Earth Organic Amla Hibiscus Hair Oil

10 amazing hair oil for beautiful hair
You must know that hibiscus, amla and fenugreek extracts are this oil’s main ingredients. Frankly speaking, the natural protein in amla promotes hair growth, while hibiscus reduces hair fall and fenugreek controls dandruff. These 3 organic ingredients will be the ones to bring your hair back to life.

Price: Rs 425.

8. Jovees Bio-Advanced Bhringraj And Olive Hair Oil

10 amazing hair oil for beautiful hair
You know what’s amazing about this particular hair oil? It’s made from the extracts of various plant oils and rare herbs. It is specially formulated to help restore your hair’s volume, texture and boosts its growth. It also keeps premature greying at bay. It’s suitable for almost every hair type and a complete steal for the price.

Price: Rs 250.

9.SoulTree Revitalising Hair Oil

10 amazing hair oil for beautiful hair
I bet you’ll pick this one up instantly because the packaging looks so tempting! The oil too doesn’t make your hair greasy or sticky, it’s light and can be used every single day because it heals the scalp, promotes hair growth and prevents hair fall. Super amazing, right?

Price: Rs 475.

10.Omega Herbal Hair Oil

10 amazing hair oil for beautiful hair
Apply it to your scalp and hair on days when you’re feeling stressed. The sweet scent of precious herbs will help calm your nerves and heal your scalp from dryness. Apply it twice every week at night for positive results.

Price: Rs 295.

I hope you found the answer to your hair growth woes! Get ready to flaunt super long locks in no time!

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